Xenophobic Attacks

Mattresses delivered to refugee camps by FOA
during xenophobic violence.

Update: 10th August 2008

As a result of the letter which we sent out, the response from many individuals and companies was brilliant. Not only did we receive donations but in some instances people, (usually smaller ones still at school!) set up their own fund-raising operations to assist us in the towns in USA. To all of you THANK YOU! Your money was, and is being, spent on a variety of items which helped to make the lives of the displaced people a little better.

Queues of people at the refugee camp.
These people had had their homes burnt down and had been chased from their homes and were being accommodated in Emergency United Nations tents at the Alexandra Police Station. At present our assistance still continues even though they have been relocated to Central Refugee camps.

In addition Friends of Alexandra was listed as one of the organizations assisting the Refugees in Alexandra by local Radio station 702 Radio. As a result of this we received and delivered into the township items of clothing and blankets and foods from the local community.

In addition to goods donated locally we used the funds received to purchase the following:
  • Blankets (approximately 500)
  • Mattresses 200
  • Baby Special Formula Food
  • Washing Powder
  • Equipment for boiling water
  • Disposable plates and cups
  • 60 Sleeping Bags for small children
  • Baby Napkins
  • Airtime for Relief workers
  • Clothing
  • Food
Funds that have not yet been spent will be spent on ongoing projects in Alexandra.

FOA was one of the NGO’s which made the largest contribution to the victims of the Xenephobic attacks in 2008. All assistance was channeled through "Lizzie" who, based at Alexandra Police Station was seconded by the NGO "Men and Women Against Child Abuse".

Blankets collected by FOA for the refugees.